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R / Restart

They say that everything gets easier if you plan your future. So let's begin with this game: no other actions besides move. Everything beyond, you will need to plan before. Hey, why you don't look happy? They say it gets easier.

Playthrough: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzrnwjrk5Oug9w2AUPaUL9Yarlg9PPfYf

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I struggled with this one. The first goal was quickly achieved, but then the second platform was not reachable. Also, it looked like the plan was executed automatically, i.e. I have to be fast to position myself on time?

Not my genre, sorry.

On what level are you?

But yes, it's automatically. As soon as the clock reach the time you set before, the action is executed.

The second IIRC. So the first time I saw the todo list.

I set the todo list this way: 0:00 shoot enemy, 0:30 invert controls, 1:00 shoot enemy, 2:00 shoot enemy. Then all you need to do is hit the shots, paying atention to the last enemy, because it has a shield.

I hope this helps!

I was not fast enough to make it to the right position. That’s my main obstacle.

Well, it looks like I made this game a little too hard haha
I recorded a playthrough of this level, take a look: